6 Thoughts All Wig Wearers Have Had…

1. Everyone knows I’m wearing a wig 
Trust us, no one has probably even noticed! Unless you’re wearing a lime green wig with a completely unrealistic parting space, then you’re probably fooling almost everyone you walk past. Also, most people will be too busy going about their day to analyze if your hair is growing from your scalp or not.

2. Is that person staring at my lace part? 
Possibly. While you can make your lace part look a lot more natural by plucking it and adding a little powder or concealer, up close it can be more difficult to hide the knots. Here’s a YouTube video on how to make your part look natural, follow these instructions so you don’t feel as self-conscious.

3. Is my wig slipping back? 
If you’ve got the combs in then your wig probably isn’t going anywhere. If you’re concerned about your edges then definitely check out a wig grip. Your wig won’t go anywhere when you’re wearing a wig grip!

4. I should have gone for soft lace 
There’s nothing worse than your edges feeling as if they’re on fire because you opted for hard lace, and to make matters worse you’re at work so you can’t take it off! While hard lace wigs are good for styling because they don’t lift up as easily we highly recommend wearing soft lace if you’ll be wearing your wig all day.

5. They really think I change my hair this often?! 
We’ve all had that moment where a co-worker comes up to you and asks you how changed your hair so quickly. Well, girl, at least you’re wig looks natural enough to fool them!

6. This is an addiction 
Being able to change your hair whenever you feel like it is seriously addicting! Take a look at our range of human hair wigs and synthetic wigs to find your next hairstyle!

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